Indigo Single Breasted Blazer

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Product Details
  • 100% Cotton
  • Natural Dye Color Indigo from Indigofera Plant
  • Slim Fit.
  • Unisex
  • Runs true to size Non-stretchy
  • Dry Clean.
  • For Extended Lifespan: Hand Wash Cold; Hang Dry.
  • Made in Accra, Ghana.
Product Description
This Blue Indigo Single Breasted Blazer is inspired by the natural blues of the sky and water. Wear it as a statement blazer or suit and look sharp by pairing with our Indigo Andy Pants. Our beloved indigo is sourced in regions of West Africa; this fabric was made in Mali. Artisans hand-loom panels, which are then hand-sewn together to create a blanket-like cloth. Indigofera, the dye obtained from the indigo plant, is a vibrant, purplish deep-blue pigment. This gorgeous substance has long played a key role in West African cultural history. The indigo is aged and antique. The fabric is made from leftover fabrics carefully patched together to achieve harmony in the garment. No new fabrics are alike and each blazer is a work of art. 



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