Gold Coast Trading Co.

Emeka Alams founder of Gold Coast Trading says 'I wanted something that represented my time in West Africa. While living in Ghana, I took a few days to visit the Cape Coast, especially to see the Elmina Slave Castle. The history of this location mixed with the ancient beauty in a modern setting was striking to me. That’s where and when the anchor of the brand was set. I also wanted to highlight the importance that the trading story and history have within the brand and within African culture in general.

Where production takes place(s)? 'Right now it’s between the States and Africa, with a few random places in between.The new collection is being done in Seattle, the last collection was done in Los Angeles. Recently I did a project with Eve Ensler’s charity One Billion Rising, and all those pieces were made in Liberia with printing done in Ghana. So now my goal is to slowly move production to Africa, as I personally relocate my life back to Africa on a permanent basis'. Why fashion is important to him and his work he says, 'Personal style gives us the chance to express who we are and act as our own curators. Like anything on this planet, fashion can be used as a tool. With fashion, I want to affect a small, very local change in Africa, which I think can evolve to larger changes by giving people a chance to showcase who they are and what their stories really are—while hopefully making a living in the process'.