Menzer Hajiyeva

The essence of Art Scarves by Menzer Hajiyeva reflects the synthesis of art and technology. The traditional and modern fuse to create wearable art inspired by the heritage of Azerbaijan. Menzer collaborated with Studio One Eighty Nine in creating beautiful scarves with the Ghanaian Adinkra symbols for its Fashion Rising Collection. Our unique and beautiful scarves are created by mixing manual printing forms such as batik, silk painting and fabric dyeing with the modern technology of photography and digital printing.Each collection is carefully refined to portray a certain inspiration and spirit. All designs are original art crafted in limited quantities. Detailed workmanship and exquisite fabrics combine to make each of our scarves an expression of individuality.

The color, design, history, craftsmanship and lighting each tell a story: One of the silk's journey. Knotted i the hair, or whirled around the neck, it stands out: It flies in the wind. Conceived by the creative vision of Menzer Hajiyeva and backed by the business mind of Idil Bayram, Art Scarves by Menzer Hajiyeva is a concept that brings together art, fashion and craftsmanship.

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