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    Studio One Eighty Nine

    Navy Yellow Stripe Indigo Baoule V-Neck Caftan

    Product Details
    • Cotton Grown in West Africa
    • Slim Fit
    • Runs true to size - Non-stretchy fabric 
    • Dry Clean Only 
    • Made in Accra, Ghana
    Product Description
    The V-Neck Caftan: Perfect for throwing on after a relaxing bath, lounging around at home or spending a day at the beach. Each caftan was hand-loomed by artisans in West Africa and its called Baoule. Artisans hand-loom panels, which are then hand-sewn together to create a blanket-like cloth. Indigofera, the dye obtained from the indigo plant, is a vibrant, purplish deep-blue pigment. This gorgeous substance has long played a key role in West African cultural history.


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