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    Studio One Eighty Nine

    Blue Printed Patchwork Indigo Bermuda Shorts


    Our artisans are hand-crafting this beautiful item for you. Est. ship date: 4 weeks.

    Building on our staple of natural indigo items, we decided to get more playful with our new patchwork technique to create these blue patchwork Bermuda shorts.

    The shorts have two slanted side pockets, a zipper fly, top button, and belt loops and are complemented perfectly by our Andy button down shirts for that effortless chic summer look.

    Natural indigo dye is extracted from plants with a distinctive blue color and was the foundation of centuries-old textile traditions throughout West Africa. Studio One Eighty Nine collaborates with communities in Mali to create the soft and unique fabrics, which are then designed and handmade in Ghana with local artisans.  It is a very labor intensive process, taking 5 artisans one day to create one yard of fabric, but well worth it once you receive your one of a kind piece.

    Care Instructions:

    Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach, iron warm if needed.




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