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    Studio One Eighty Nine

    Purple S189-print Cotton Hand-Batik Medium Tote Bag


    The colors of this wine S189 print cotton hand-batik medium bag are inspired by the beach, health, fitness, active... the feeling of that. And a powerful man or woman that is on the move and has to get through their day and can just take on a lot ... always adapting ... always flexible. It's unstructured, so it's easy to fold and pack in your suitcase and it's lightweight and durable, so it's great to pack your belongings. The inside is lined with a bright pink fabric making it just as fun to look at on the inside as it is on the outside. Designed, Hand-painted and Handmade in Ghana with local artisans.


    Also available in Green Aggie-Print Cotton Hand-Batik Medium Size, and Multicolored African Wax Print Medium Size. 


    SIZE & FIT

    • This item's measurements are:
    • Width 25”/63.5cm
    • Depth 11.75”/30cm
    • Height 13.5”/34cm
    • Handle Drop 4.75"/12cm


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