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    Studio One Eighty Nine

    Green Camo Hand-Batik Cotton Face Mask

    Product Details
    • Made of cotton fabric from Ghana that is washable and reusable
    • Comes in different prints to match your preferences or looks
    • Cotton straps make it easy to comfortably fit on any face size/shape
    • Breathable and easy to use, expands over nose and chin
    • Compartment made to insert filters comfortably
    • Filters: PM2.5 (Recommended to change daily)
    • Filter not to be washed as it is disposable and will become damaged
    • Wash mask by hand with soap and water and air dry mask
    • Hand-Batik
    • Avoid the use of bleach
    • Wash as frequently as necessary
    • Size(Adult): 24cm by 5cm(9.4in by 5.9in) Approx.
    • Package Includes: One (1) Reusable Face Mask (Without Filters)

    Product Description
    This mask is made of skin-friendly cotton fabric from Ghana that can be washed and reused. Our masks come in three layers; the outer layer is made out of local cotton as well as leftover off-cuts from our collections so there's no waste. The second layer is a disposable filter preferably PM2.5 filter for face masks that helps to effectively resist fine particles and bacteria. The filter is sold separately. The third layer is made out of the same skin-friendly cotton as used for the first layer. You can slip a filter inside the mask and change out the filter.


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