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    Fashion Rising Collection

    Green Vegan Leather Yellow Teany-Print Lining Hand-Batik Large Carry-All

    $128.00 $45.00

    Spoil yourself with a large carry-all that is the perfect dimensions for your laptop and extra essentials handmade of supple vegan leather featuring a zip closure. It's also a perfect versatile piece as it can be used as a large evening clutch as well or as a portfolio. The inside is just as luxurious as the outside as it is lined  with hand-painted batik print. Available in a wide array of colors and batik prints. Designed, Hand-painted and Handmade in Ghana with local artisans.

    Also available in Deep Navy, Brown, Turquoise, Black, Pink, Violet- Pink Stripe, Lime ODLR-Print,Royal Blue, Turquoise and Yellow


    SIZE & FIT

    • This item's measurements are:
    • Width 12.5”/31.5cm
    • Height 16.25”/41cm


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