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    Studio One Eighty Nine

    Lilac Small Leaf Silk Hand-Batik Ruffle Sleeveless Dress

    Product Details
    • Full dress with a slim fit top
    • Dry Clean Only.
    • For Extended Lifespan: Hand Wash Cold ; Hang Dry
    • Made in Accra, Ghana
    Product Description
    The lilac small leaf dress is made from 100% silk fabric. The silk fabric is dyed by our artisans using a traditional batik technique, which involves drawing the leaf pattern on wood or foam then carving out the shape. Hot wax is used as a dye-resist to bring out the leaf print on the fabric when dyeing. Each stamp is placed by hand and the colours are mixed together like an artist. Every yard is painted by hand and no two pieces are exactly alike. It takes more than 9 yards of fabric to make the sleeveless dress. Sewing the dress involves lots of fullness manipulation. A long strip is cut to make the ruffles on the neck and armhole. Firstly, part of the strip is hemmed, secondly, running stitches are sewn on the opposite side of the strip ultimately used to manipulate the fullness on the strips to form a nice ruffle before attaching them to the neck and armhole of the dress. The skirt section of the dress has a unique fullness that feels very comfortable. Each layer or panel fullness is worked on in order to fit the next layer. The technique is then replicated several times. Each of the layers is prepared separately one after another before attaching the pieces together step by step to form a dress. A personal favourite pockets are fixed on the side seams of the dress to give more comfort. It takes 1 to 2 tailors to sew the dress overall several days.


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