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    Studio One Eighty Nine

    White Flamingo Thong

    An amazing collaboration with Empowered by You to produce the flamingo panties as part of our Spring Summer Collection. When you purchase this thong, you contribute to a mission of empowering women in Ghana. 20% of our net profits go toward extending ladders to women out of poverty and into business via microfinance loans. As the perfect foundation for any outfit, our Brazilian cut panty is specially crafted with the finest technical nylon/spandex blend fabrics. Fused seam sides create a seamless invisible panty, eliminating any lines under your favorite yoga pants or little black dress. Our special moisture wicking fabric allows for a quick-dry, breathable panty. A cotton lining provides extra comfort, perfect for wearing to work and workout. Our designer thong panty is armed with patented flocking technology which prevents the panty’s edges from digging into your skin. It sits flat and smooth on your hips, so you never have to deal with any bunching, slipping, or shifting. It frees you from visible panty lines while also providing the comfort and versatility you need to take on whatever challenge life gives you.


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