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    Studio One Eighty Nine

    Red Ayumi Cotton Hand-Batik Double-Breasted Blazer


    Our artisans are hand-crafting this beautiful item for you. Est. ship date: 4 weeks.

    Product Details
    • 100% Cotton grown in Ghana
    • Slim Fit.
    • Unisex
    • Runs true to size - Non stretchy fabric
    • Machine Wash Safe.
    • For Extended Lifespan: Hand Wash Cold; Hang Dry.
    • Made in Accra, Ghana.
    Product Description
    The tailored Red Ayumi Cotton Blazer is the ideal summer jacket to complete any look with unique elegance. Whether you're wearing the entire suit look in the boardroom or just the jacket paired with one of our Bermuda shorts for those warm summer nights, you will find plenty of combinations to play with. The blazer is produced by master tailors that understand fine details and have taken the time to meticulously place each piece of fabric. This product is made to order


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