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    Tanya Taylor X Fashion Our Future

    "The Right To Tote" Tote Bag


    Product Details

    • Shoulder Strap Drop: 10"
    • Height: 11"
    • Width: 14"
    • Depth: 5"

    Product Description

    Show off your civic pride with Tanya Taylor's "The Right to Tote" tote bag & buttons. A natural canvas tote bag featuring a screen-printed paint design, this tote is accompanied by six button pins so you can make the design all your own. The button pins come in two different sizes, each featuring eye-catching original artwork and slogans. With the ability to rearrange the buttons each time you carry the tote, this conversation starter is as versatile as it is fun. Want to show your pride even when you’re not carrying the tote? Remove the buttons and wear your voice on your sleeve for the perfect Fall 2020 accessory.



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