WHO SAY: Holiday Shop for a Good Cause

Rosario Dawson Wants to Help You Holiday Shop for a Good Cause

The "Sin City" actress is putting together a box of gifts that you can have delivered right to your door! Best of all, you'll be helping others.

Rosario Dawson might be our holiday shopping savior, all while making us the good guys. The "Top Five" actress has teamed up with Quarterly Co. (you know, the company that sends subscribers curated packages from their favorite influencers) to make a holiday/travel-inspired box for her fans. But it's more than just that. In fact, we'll let Rosario give you the low down in her own words, or five reasons to be exact:



Top 5 Reasons We Need Rosario's Quarterly Co. Box: 

1. 31 gifts for $50: Inspired by the holiday season and advent calendars, Rosario has packed a whopping 31 different items into this box. You can treat yourself to a gift every day in December, or better yet, get all of your stocking stuffer prep completed in one fell swoop! Voilà! 

2. Artisan items from Africa: "My main favorite item in this box is actually the container from which you get all your items," Rosario tells us. "It's something we're making in Ghana and I think it's really cool. It's hand batik! Everything that is batik is piece of art unto itself because every one is unique. I really like that everyone will be getting an item like that. In fact, there are two items like that in this box!" (Get more info on the African items, which are made possible by Rosario's social collective Studio 189 here.)

3. Goes for good: Not only will proceeds of this box go toward getting water filters for cleaner water in West Africa (a necessity now more than ever, due to cholera and the Ebola outbreak), but you'll be helping in a more direct way as well. Rosario explains, "It's really important that we make sure we're not just raising money for donations, but we're actually creating partnerships. We're supporting people doing what they love and what they are good at, and making sure they are successful so that they can put their own kids through school and protect their own kids from disease and famine." 

4. High-quality products: Not only will you be helping an incredible movement, but you're guaranteed excellence. "Disney is supposed to be giving us an item for each box, same with [Jessica Alba's] Honest Company," Rosario says. "I've know Jessica for years now through the 'Sin City' stuff and I'm so proud of what she's doing with her company. She wanted to help support what we're doing with our company in Ghana, so she's going to be giving us an item to put in each box."

5. "Top Five" premiere trip: Oh, and did we mention you're entered into a raffle to win two tickets to the "Top Five" premiere, which includes airfare and two nights in a hotel? Yeah, pretty sweet. 

Rosario is only releasing a limited number of these boxes, so be sure to order yoursbefore it's too late. We're already counting down the days until ours arrives!


Link: http://www.whosay.com/articles/4538-rosario-dawson-wants-to-help-you-holiday-shop-for-a-good-cause