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Urban Bush Babes: Studio One Eighty Nine


Studio One Eighty Nine

Studio One Eighty Nine is a social enterprise that consist of creatives that seeks to provide a platform to help promote and curate African and African-inspired content through various projects such as media and cultural events and projects. The collective includes artists, musicians, dancers, architects, designers, photographers, foodies, travelers, innovators, thinkers, activists, dreamers. Together we represent countries all over Africa and its Diaspora.  23Created by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, the mission of Studio One Eighty Nine and the idea for Fashion Rising, took shape following a trip with V-Day in February, 2011, through Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda to Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the opening of the City of Joy.



“Today fashion schools teach sustainability.It is proven that you can succeed by applying a model of responsible business. No more anything goes. The new generation has a different way of thinking. It is more open,” -Dawson


Dawson wearing pattern coat Studio 189 (Photo: Lorenzo Bringheli)




“Our goal is to connect African artisans with global value chains of the textile industry” -Erwiah



Abrima Erwiah wearing kimono Studio One Eighty Nine, Dawson wearing cape and pants Studio One Eighty Nine. (Photo: Lorenzo Bringheli)




To use Fashion as an agent for Social Change, turning challenges on the ground into opportunities and promote social impact
We focus on:
Education: Promoting and providing access to education through workshops, creating certified programs, training / skills development, counseling.
Economic/Employment: Creating economic opportunities through our website, our agency, and our project collaborations.
Empowerment: Creating the space for our talent to produce high quality work, have the opportunity to receive credit for their own work and source as much as possible in local markets.




We created:
WEBSITE/ONLINE MAGAZINE that showcases fashion/art/music and creative content from Africa and its diaspora
A SUPPORTING AGENCY that supports organizations with various activities such as marketing & communications services, local sourcing/manufacturing with local artisans, and strategic planning
591115181920Shocking Pink Recycled Can Pull Leather Tassle Anja Bottletop Collaboration Purse  
A FASHION COLLECTION to support local artisans (called Fashion Rising)  
121449  Shop the collection here  
5rDawson in Studio One Eighty Nine Cape and Pants (Photo: Lorenzo Bringheli)


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My sister, TK Wonder and I with Co-founders; Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah along with with Renata Black of ‘Empowered By You‘. Also for those wondering about Rosario, let me just state for the record she is not just a face to this cause, she is deep in the trenches with Abrima and impressively knowledgeable. Let’s just say my #WCW happened on a Thursday. Not only talented but insanely dope, cool and humble

Urban Bush Babes: Studio One Eighty Nine