YOUR WEEKEND MIX, COURTESY OF THE SAUCE TRIO In Collaboration with Studio 189 and Fashion Rising Club


Just in time to wrap up Women’s History Month, we’re linking arms with three remarkable ladies we love: namely, Ms. Nix, Jasmine Solano, and Martina McFlyy, who, together as SAUCE, are fostering creative feminist community like no other trio we know. With March coming to a close (though our celebratory lady love will most certainly continue into April, and beyond), the HERS mix, made in collaboration with Studio 189 and the Fashion Rising Club, is the perfect start to our weekend.

“Our intention with this mix is to use music as a medium to inspire, inform, and impact,” says McFlyy. “Sharing stories is what women love to do. This is our way of using our voice and our collaborator’s voices to remind us of who we are, how valuable we are, and why we should celebrate ourselves.”

HERS features quote samples from inspirational women throughout history, from the likes of Rosario Dawson, to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, to Michelle Obama, intermixed with songs by Solange, Lady Gaga, Pussy Riot, Lauryn Hill, and Aretha Franklin, among others. The result? A perfect sampling of music’s best and brightest feminine perspective and energy, delectably organized into one dope AF mix. Peep it in full below, exclusively on

Featured image courtesy of Nick Onken; artwork by D’ana of COVL

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