SHE-Y was born from the desire to combine the richness of high Grade Shea Butter from Ghana, with other unique ingredients to create one of a kind products in the best Italian laboratories. The SHE-Y brand focuses on creating luxury products but still preserves the importance of old traditions. 

The Shea Tree, also referred to as the Tree of Youth, is sacred and many believe it's magical. The production of Shea Butter has always been known to be a woman's work and it is believed they have the ability to soften the spirit of the tree through singing and working as a group. The processing of Shea Butter is challenging and requires consistent dedication and perfected skill in order to acquire a certain standard of quality. It involves a group of women who take turns to work in the different stages of production. They meticulously collect the best shea nuts which are later dried, grounded, hand kneaded and boiled for several hours, left to set and then packaged.  

Not only is Shea Butter edible, it is considered miraculous for its healing properties as well as its soothing and nourishing qualities. Due to the high concentration of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Shea Butter is ideal as an antioxidant and as an intensive moisturizing or a regenerating and elasticizing balm.  

Creating the SHE-Y products brought back nostalgia for founder Menaye Donkor as she relived her childhood growing up in Ghana. Shea Butter has been used for many years for different purposes. She recalls her mother always keeping a tub of butter in their home, as it was the solution to every problem. After having travelled the world as a model, always being passionate about beauty and skincare, Menaye decided to merge old tradition and the modern day to create her own authentic, luxurious brand.  

SHE-Y uses only the highest grade of Shea Butter originally from the northern region of Ghana. The women involved struggle daily to provide even the most basic necessities, which affects the well being of their children.  SHE-Y’s mission is to empower these women by creating more job opportunities in Shea Butter production. SHE-Y is dedicated to supporting these women by donating a percentage of their sales profit towards building new schools in order to educate their children. 


By combining old traditions with unique modern day ingredients and techniques in the best Italian laboratories, SHE-Y has created an innovative and unique formulation.

For the first time, SHE-Y has created an exclusive and luxury product using Grade A Shea Butter from Ghana, which targets the needs of the modern day woman who is self-confident and aware of the importance her skin. SHE-Y formula consists of a high concentration of Shea Butter with hyaluronic acid and Dermocea, a mixture of extracts of precious Senegalese algae, which increases the synthesis of collagen and prevents its degradation. A perfectly designed blend that ensures visible results.

A super-boost of hydration in a velvety-texture cream that enhances the appearance of the skin in a long lasting way.

SHE-Y maintains the natural aroma of raw Shea Butter enhanced by three warm, instinctive fragrances: Black Orchid, a sensual and exotic scent, with its nocturnal and mysterious notes, Olive, balanced and familiar, as dense as the earth and fresh at the same time and finally Praline, a creamy and rich perfume, sweet and intimate.

SHE-Y skin care focuses on BODY CREAM and BODY SCRUB, characterized by elegance and the awareness of the importance of natural products.

SHE-Y Body Cream has an intense, invigorating action, suitable as a moisturizer for every skin type and particularly effective on very dry skin. Its deep nourishing action ensures 24-hour velvet skin. The power of Shea butter (18%), together with the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid, the concentration of Vitamin E and the anti-aging properties of Dermocea (exclusive red weeds mixture), generates a super-boost effect, a long-lasting source of hydration and nourishment.

SHE-Y Body Scrub uses granules of walnut husk to promote cell renewal and keep the skin soft and smooth. The granules of walnut husk, the powerful action of hyaluronic acid, the concentration of Dermocea’s weeds, optimized by vitamin E’s antioxidant properties, achieve superior results, also preparing the skin for SHE-Y body cream’s nourishing and invigorating power.

Respect plays a major role in the philosophy at SHE-Y. The respect for quality, nature and artisanal process are essential and taken into consideration while creating our products. This is what sets SHE-Y apart.

Meet the founder: Menaye Donkor Muntari

Menaye was born in Toronto, Canada but grew up in Accra, Ghana. After graduating from York University in Toronto, she participated and won the title Miss Universe Ghana. She had the chance to travel the world and worked as a model and later on founded the Menaye Charity Organization.


Menaye Charity Organization is a non-profit organization, which focuses on family care, women’s protection, free education (Menaye School of Hope). "For me, the commitment to giving back is essential to the quality of my products, I feel I have a responsibility towards my culture"


In 2013, Menaye Donkor had the honor of being appointed "Woman of the Year" by the Infant Charity Award of Milan and continues to spread her message of solidarity in every new project she undertakes