Studio 189 is partnering with Yahoo to drive social impact in support of voter access and participation through the power of fashion. Proceeds from this initiative will support Voto Latino and Vote Riders.

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Voting is the cornerstone of democracy and one of the most important tools at our disposal to bring about real progress. 

That's why voter access is critical -- when you can ensure every eligible citizen has an opportunity to cast a ballot, you empower change.

This Cotton Hand-Batik T-Shirt is dyed by our artisans using a traditional batik technique, which involves drawing the crossroads pattern on wood or foam and then carving out the shape. Each stamp is placed by hand and the colors are mixed together like an artist.

No two pieces are the same.

Creating a legacy larger than any runway

Handmade by empowered artisans.

Under the sustaining sun.

With love and gratitude.

The cover is made using material offcuts from artisanal hand-batik handmade textiles from ghana. The materials are then re-produced in India with artisanal communities to make handmade journals.

Traditional book binding with ethically sourced paper and raw materials. Screen printed with ink sourced from soot. It is packaged in 100% cornstarch biodegradable bags.

Fabric made in Ghana by Studio189.

Book made in India by KAPDAA


Express your solitarily
with these limited edition voting pins.

We are bound together much
like the connectedness of heirloom quilts.